The Importance Of

Garden Walling

Homeowners should never underestimate the importance of garden walling as it can have a massive impact on the overall aesthetic of your garden. Whether it is purely decorative walling to enhance other aspects or a vital retaining wall, serious consideration should be given to your walling when designing or landscaping a garden area.

The Benefits Of

Garden Ponds

A pond is another feature that can bring a garden to life, bringing with it a unique tranquillity along with some wildlife and biodiversity. When installed correctly by landscaping experts such as ourselves, a pond can be the centrepiece of a garden’s design or simply provide natural ambience that complements the general aesthetic of your garden.

Important Factors

What To Consider

Both garden walling and ponds have several considerations that can impact the cost of installation, all of which can be discussed in depth via our online consultation. For garden walling, the primary factors affecting the cost will revolve around the function of the wall along with its height, thickness and shape. For example, a decorative wall has a lot less functionality than a retaining wall, so the costs of each will differ due to the different materials and structure involved.

For ponds, considerations include the overall shape and depth, as well as its positioning above or below ground level. Electrics may also need to be connected for a water filtration pump.

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Your Budget

Costs And Quotes

As with all garden design and landscaping projects, the final cost of a garden walling or pond installation project will ultimately be determined by the size and scale of the project along with its complexity and the quality of the materials used. We consider all of the various aspects of your walling or pond vision before providing you with a full and comprehensive quote with each of the costs broken down.

Get In Touch

We are also happy to work with each of our customers to rework the quote to help reduce the cost of the project in order to keep it within your budget.

If you are seriously interested in undertaking a building or garden landscaping project at your home, then book an online consultation to discuss your options. 

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The Process

From Step One to Spectacular



Online or in person appointment to discuss your ideas and project.



Either get photographs from you or visit the site in person.



Receive a quote tailored to your specific needs and preferences.



Detailed technical drawings for a clear vision of your project.



We begin the build, turning your vision into reality.

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We understand that getting work done on your house or garden is a big leap, often with lots of questions. We are here to help you through the process. Please book a meeting in our diary to talk with Naomi or Ray. 

This meeting is:

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We only operate in the Warwickshire area, if you are beyond that radius please do not book into our diary as we may not be able to help. If you are unsure, please call us on 01926 810772.