Convert And Expand

A loft conversion might just be the perfect way to expand your home alongside your growing family. Loft conversions are an attractive option as they can greatly improve the available living space inside your home without the drastic action of adding an extension.

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Why A Loft Conversion?

By using the space you already have available, you can expand the functional living area without changing the outside appearance of your house. A loft conversion can add significant value to the property in the long run, but will also enable you to keep living in the home you love even as your family starts to outgrow its original dimensions.

Permissions And Regulations

Discussing The Details 

Through a consultation, we can determine if a loft conversion is actually achievable in your property, as well as talk you through your options and explain the requisite permissions and regulations. For example, planning permission can take between 6-8 weeks to achieve, as does the separate Trustee consent for properties in a Trust Area. Such permissions should be acquired as soon as possible to prevent any delays in the project’s lead time to completion.

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Ticking The Checklist

Abiding Regulations

Regulations are primarily concerned with the structural safety of the work being done, as well as other safety issues such as the room’s head height and the means of escape for any occupants of the new living space. The UK’s building regulations require any loft conversion plans to be approved before the building work starts and inspectors will also carry out on-site checks at various stages of the project.

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Costs And Timeframe

Working Around You 

Loft conversion work is obviously disruptive to the household but we do try and keep it to an absolute minimum. Our level of access will also impact how long the conversion will take; for example, whether or not we can work while the homeowner is out. But once we know exactly what you want to achieve and identify the best way to achieve it, we can provide you with an accurate timeframe for the work as well as a comprehensive breakdown of the costs.

Let's Get Converting! 

If you are seriously interested in undertaking a building or garden landscaping project at your home, then book an online consultation to discuss your options. 

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The Process

From Step One to Spectacular



Online or in person appointment to discuss your ideas and project.



Either get photographs from you or visit the site in person.



Receive a quote tailored to your specific needs and preferences.



Detailed technical drawings for a clear vision of your project.



We begin the build, turning your vision into reality.

Let's Talk

Book a Free Online

We understand that getting work done on your house or garden is a big leap, often with lots of questions. We are here to help you through the process. Please book a meeting in our diary to talk with Naomi or Ray. 

This meeting is:

  • Free and with no obligation to move forwards
  • To understand your project
  • Give you the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have!

We only operate in the Warwickshire area, if you are beyond that radius please do not book into our diary as we may not be able to help. If you are unsure, please call us on 01926 810772.